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Campgrounds, Facilities & Shelters
The Fort Madison Parks and Recreation Department has two (2) campgrounds located in Rodeo Park. The City campground is located at 2134 302nd Avenue while the Fort Madison RV Park is located at 2103 303rd Avenue.

The Parks and Recreation Department also has several open and enclosed shelters that are suitable for a variety of activities. Contact the Parks Department at (319) 372-7700 x 201, or in person to make your reservation.

The Parks Board recently rescinded an old Parks Department policy prohibiting individuals from renting a parks shelter/facility until January 2 of the following year. The Board approved allowing the public to rent a parks shelter/facility one (1) year in advance. The Board has also implemented a new policy that every shelter rental requires a deposit which must be paid within 30 days of requesting the reservation and the fee paid within 30 days of the event. If the renter cancels prior to their event, their deposit will be forfeited as the Parks Department could have rented the parks shelter/facility hadn’t it already been reserved. The deposit will be returned to the renter after the rental date once the facility has been inspected.

The shelters listed below are on a first come first serve bases, UNLESS the renter requires electricity.

Johnson Shelter
     Size: 20’x48’ Seats 30
     Electricity ($10 Fee), No Restrooms

Ivanhoe Shelter
     Size: 18’x46’ Seats 60
     Electricity ($10 Fee), Restrooms (nearby)

Rodeo Park Shelters
Airport Annex
     Size: 20’x36’ Seats 60
     Electricity ($10 Fee), Portable Toilet (nearby)
Coffey’s Corner Shelter
     Size: 14’x18’ Seats 24
     Electricity ($10 Fee), Portable Toilet (nearby)

New Lion’s Shelter
     Size: 60’x40’ Seats 190
     Electricity ($10 Fee), Portable Toilet (nearby)

Scenic Drive Shelter
     Size: 20’x30’ Seats 60
     Electricity ($10 Fee), Portable Toilet (nearby)

Lonetree Shelter
     Size 15’x20’ Seats 24
     No Electricity, Portable Toilet (nearby)

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