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The monthly utility bill contains charges for water, sewer, garbage, integrated waste services, and stormwater utility. The rates for the City of Fort Madison Water Department are outlined in the Water Rates. The sewer, garbage, integrated waste services, and stormwater utility fee portions of the bill are all regulated by the Fort Madison City Council.

Pay Water Bill Online
It is now possible to pay your water bill online. The first time you go to pay online, you will need to create an account. An e-mail address is required to create an account.

Direct Payment Plan 
Save time, postage, and checking expense by signing up for the direct payment plan and authorizing us to automatically withdraw your water bill from your checking or savings account. You will continue to receive your water bill as normal, with the automatic deduction from your checking or savings account taking place approximately five days before the due date as shown on your bill.

For more information, please call (319) 372-1602.

Pay Water Bill By Phone
Customers may also pay by phone using VISA or MasterCard. To pay your bill by phone, please call (319) 372-1602.