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Garbage & Recycling Services
Solid Waste Code
In 2001, the City of Fort Madison began an implementation of a revised Solid Waste Code. In this code, the city began billing each residential customer $15 per month for weekly trash pick-up. If there are multiple customers at a single address (four units maximum), such as a multiplex dwelling, each customer will be charged.

These charges will be on your monthly water bill. They will appear as "GB" for garbage / landfill. You will also see a code "IW" for integrated waste. This charge is for landfill usage. The fee is $1.00 for residents and $1.50 for commercial. For more information on collection fees, view our services and fees.

Garbage Regulations
Each homeowner is allowed to have no more than two 40-gallon containers of trash picked up each week. Such containers shall have a gross weight not exceeding 40 pounds, and shall be kept tightly closed. You may use existing containers that you have as long as they are 40 gallons or less. As an alternative to using metal or plastic containers, the city will allow the following substitutions:
  • No more than four trash bags (20 gallons or less with a gross weight not exceeding 80 pounds), in place of two 40 gallon container.

Trash containers or trash bags shall not be placed more than three feet from a public street of alley.

Any additional bags of trash will need to be tagged with a City sticker at a cost of $0.75 per sticker. These can be obtained at City Hall, Hy-Vee and Kempker's True Value.

2016 Holiday Trash Pick Up Schedule

GRRWA Recycle BinRecycling & Yard Waste Collection
On Wednesdays, every other week recyclables and yard waste are picked up. In an effort to improve the recycling program in the City of Fort Madison, the city and Great River Regional Waste Authority have partnered to make the following changes.

Residents who participate in the recycling program will be required to place their recycling items in a GRRWA recycling bin. New residents or those new to the recycling program can pick up their free 18-gallon recycle bin at the GRRWA at 2092 303rd Avenue (across from Tri-State Rodeo Arena).

Residents must present a current City of Fort Madison water bill in order to receive their free recycle bin. Each additional recycle bin will cost $7. Recyclables that are not placed in a GRRWA recycle bin will not be picked up. Place your recyclable items and yard waste items where you normally place your trash for pick up. Yard Waste runs spring, summer and fall. Recycling is a year round program.

2016 Recycling & Yard Waste Collection Schedule