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Sidewalk Replacement Program
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City of Fort Madison SIdewalk Replacement Program

The purpose of this program is to furnish an opportunity for residential property owners to replace existing deteriorated sidewalks and/or to install new sidewalks in front of existing buildings where no sidewalk now exists. This does not include driveway approaches or sidewalks going to the residential unit. It does include sidewalk, which is located within the street right-of-way. 

The property owner’s responsibility will be to remove and dispose of the deteriorated sidewalk or excavate where new sidewalk would go, form the sidewalk to be poured, and place the concrete. This work can be done either by the property owner, renter, or your contractor. The City will not pay for Saturday delivery charge. Work cannot begin before July 1st.

The City of Fort Madison will inspect the sidewalk prior to approval of your application, prior to removal and prior to placement of the new sidewalk. The Fort Madison Ready Mixed Concrete Co. will bill the City for the concrete used and the City of Fort Madison will pay for the concrete directly to the supplier. The City will not pay for the additional Saturday delivery charge. If the property owner wishes to have the delivery on Saturday, the bill for the delivery will be sent to the property owner.  No payments will be made directly to the property owner. The concrete can be ordered by the property owner or your contractor from: 

Fort Madison Ready Mixed Concrete Co.
1204 14th Street 
Fort Madison, Iowa 52627

The sidewalk shall be constructed according to the sidewalk design specifications which can be acquired at the Fort Madison Public Works Department. 

Each application will be evaluated based on its condition and how it improves the area for pedestrian traffic. Extra consideration will be given for connection to an existing sidewalk.

Applications for this program will be available on May 1st at 8:00 A.M. and will be accepted through June 22nd at 4:30 P.M. Each proposal will be evaluated and you will be notified by July 2nd,  2018. The City will fund projects as funding is available. The replacement work cannot take place before July 1st  must be approved by the City prior to the commencement of the work.