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Tributes & Comments by visitors to Fort Madison, IA
Dr. Eugene Watkins
Fort Director Dr. Eugene Watkins demonstrating
period specific weaponry to a fort visitor.

July 30th, 2014

The Honorable Mayor Brad Randolph, City Council Members & The Citizens of Fort Madison:

Our visit to Fort Madison this past weekend was a delightful surprise!  Not only did we get to join in the 175th anniversary celebration, but we also got to visit the Fort, which we had a glimpse of two years ago, while en route from Illinois to Missouri.  

We would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Eugene Watkins for his very interesting and exhilarating talk.  His in-depth knowledge of the history of the Fort and the inhabitants, together with the surrounding area and the climate of the country at the time, made for an awe-inspiring visit.  

As we left the Fort, we commented on how the experience seemed to come to life!  We were convinced that we had been in the company of a truly learned man... a rare gem!  It was only after we left that we learned of Dr. Watkins many accomplishments! We want to thank him, the city of Fort Madison, together with the proprietors of the Kingsley Inn, for welcoming us and making us feel a part of your history.

With Sincere Appreciation,
J.L. Christopher & John Lygien, M.D.  
Fort Madison Virtual Guide

August 24, 2014 

Comment left in regards to:  
virtual guide & Tourism information via City of Fort Madison's Website:

"Very Well done. Thank You for our copy. Sounds to me there is plenty to do as tourist in Fort Madison. It would be fun to me as a resident as well."~~jfb

    • You can request your own copy of The Fort Madison guide, covering the festivals, attractions & venues available through the city and surrounding area by following this link.
Andy Andrews.jpg
Andy Andrews - Docent
Old Santa Fe Depot Museum
Home to the North Lee County Historical Society
August 24, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

On August 6th of this year we traveled to Fort Madison from the Springfield, Missouri Area.  My husband's brother had been added to the names on the Veteran's Memorial wall by a close friend.  As it had been some time ago, we decided to incorporate a trip to see the memorial into our vacation plans.  Since we were unsure of the location of the memorial, we worked our way around Fort Madison until we came upon the river, and the train station.  We decided to go inside and ask someone there to help us.  

What a wonderful experience it turned out to be, and a great way to begin our vacation!  We were met by Daryl, who began to inform us of the history of the station, and told us we were just around the park from the memorial.  We became so excited about the history of the station and the great items inside, and Daryl shared an enthusiasm that was delightful!  Soon we were to meet Ginger who had been out running errands.  Our delight was instantly increased.  She was a joy as she showed us more buildings and shared additional historical relevance of the entire area.  

We ended up spending more time with Daryl and Ginger that we did once we went over to the memorial!  We learned that they are volunteers, and have dedicated their days to greeting and informing visitors.  We could not have been more surprised as they made us feel so welcome and interested in Fort Madison!  We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Daryl and Ginger for sharing so much with us.  We had driven 6 hours that day and had planned to stay all night in Burlington.  We felt like they were family and their warm welcome to the area touched our hearts.  It is a  tribute to your Historical Society to have these wonderful people as your representatives.  We shall never forget our visit there, and what a wonderful start they gave us to our vacation.  Please share with them our sincere thanks for the hospitality.  We both agreed that we might just travel back there someday and revisit the location, and Daryl and Ginger!

Most Sincerely,
Mike & Cheryl Ledbetter
Billings, Missouri

November, 2014

To the North Lee County Historical Society:

On November 1st we were returning from a vacation and decided to stop at your museum.  What a highlight!  We thoroughly enjoyed our personal 'tour guide'!  This stop became one of the highlights of our vacation.  

Thank you much,
Bill & Janet Kohler