Permit Request

Permits are issued by the Building Department at:
City Hall
811 Avenue E
Fort Madison, IA 52627


Completed Permits should be emailed to the Building Inspector.

Building Permit Fees

Requests for permits must include the following information:

  • A complete set of plans (commercial projects require a set of engineered prints by a licensed architect / engineer)
  • A list of contractors involved
  • Address
  • Estimated cost of project
  • Estimated start and finish dates
  • Owner
  • Site plan
  • Type of construction

If all the above is presented, a zoning review and plan review (if commercial) will be completed. After review a permit will be issued if plans and specs pass the review process.


  • Foundation - Once the foundation is dug and forms are set, an inspection must be called for to check for proper depth and footing size, as well as proper location and size, according to the plans. The footing cannot be poured until the foundation passes this inspection.
  • Rough Inspection - This inspection includes rough framing, electrical, plumbing, etc. to ensure the structure meets all applicable codes. The interior wall covering cannot be installed until the project passes this inspection.
  • Final Inspection - Once the project is complete, a final inspection must be called for and approved in order to gain occupancy of the finished project. If final inspection is not called for the project will be presumed incomplete. All permits require a final inspection. After successful completion of the final inspection, commercial projects will receive an occupancy permit. All assembly areas with the capacity to hold 50+ occupants will also receive a maximum occupancy card to be posted by the main exit.

Close Out of Permit

If all inspections have been passed, the permit will then be signed off by the Building Inspector and filed in the address file at City Hall.