Planning & Zoning


Guided by the City of Fort Madison Municipal Code, Chapter 10 (Zoning) and Chapter 11 (Subdivisions), the Planning and Zoning Department reviews and processes zoning and land use matters and subdivisions.


Applications may be obtained at City Hall or by contacting Director Doug Krogmeier for the following:

  • Floodplain Development Permit
  • Rezoning
  • Sign Permit
  • Special Use Permit
  • Subdivision
  • Voluntary Annexation
  • Zoning Variances

Zoning Districts

There are 12 different zoning districts within the City of Fort Madison. Each district has its own specific uses and regulations. Contact Director Doug Krogmeier for regulations in the following zoning districts:

  • B-1 Business District, Limited Retail
  • B-2 Business District, General Retail
  • B-3 Service and Wholesale District
  • B-4 Highway Business District
  • I-1 Limited Industrial District
  • I-2 General Industrial District
  • R-1 One-Family Dwelling District
  • R-2 One-Family Dwelling District
  • R-3 One-Family Dwelling District
  • R-4 One-Family Dwelling District
  • R-5 Two-Family Dwelling District
  • R-6 Multiple-Family Dwelling District

There is a large map depicting these districts at City Hall or you may obtain a copy by contacting Director Doug Krogmeier.