Every new Resident/Commercial customer is required to complete a Service Application (water, sewer and garbage) for every property where service is needed. A deposit of $100.00 is required if the water is not in the deed holder's name.

Billing Process

Bills are due on the 15th of each month (if the 15th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, it will move to the Monday after). New bills are printed and mailed the day after the due date. Your bill is based on actual meter readings taken each month. If a reading cannot be obtained from your meter, the City will contact you to set an appointment to correct the problem. If we are unable to get an actual read, your consumption will be estimated.

The rates for the City of Fort Madison Water Department are outlined in the Water Rates. The water, sewer, garbage, integrated waste, and stormwater utility fee portions of the bill are regulated by the City Council.

Payment Options

The Water Department has several options to pay your bill. You can pay your bill with cash, check or credit card (NO extra fees to use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). View the following options on where to pay:

  • By Mail: PO Box 240, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627
  • Dropped off in person at City Hall: 811 Avenue E, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627
  • Night Drop: Located on the Northeast side of the building (drive through the alley)
  • Hy-Vee Courtesy Counter: 2606 Avenue L, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627
  • Online (Credit Card ONLY)
  • Auto-Pay (Bank Account – pulled on the due day)
  • By Phone: 877-902-3689 (Credit Card ONLY)

If payment is not received by the due date, a 10% late charge will be applied to the account. Past Due Notices will be sent requesting payment within 10 days. If payment is not received after that date, a Disconnect Notice will be hung on your front door (extra fees apply).

Financial Assistance Organizations

Fort Madison has several great organizations out there to help you with your water bill. These organizations are:

  • First Christian Church
    • 10th & Avenue F – Phone: (319) 372-4193
    • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - 9am to Noon
    • Tuesday - 9am  to 4pm
  • United Methodist Church
    • 9th & Avenue E – Phone: (319) 372-6426
    • Monday and Wednesday - 9am to Noon
  • Holy Family
    • 11th & Avenue E – Phone: (319) 372-2127
    • Thursday ONLY - 8:30am to 3pm
  • Victory Faith Church
    • 2359 53rd Street – Phone: (319) 372-8484
    • Tuesday thru Thursday - 9am to 3pm
    • Ask for Shawn
  • Community Action
    • 3433 Avenue O – Phone: (319) 372-4471
    • Appointment Needed – Contact Melissa
  • Lee County General Relief
    • 307 Bank Street, Keokuk, Iowa 52624 - Phone: (319) 524-1052
    • Monday, Tuesday, 3rd Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    • 933 Avenue H, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627 – Phone: (319) 376-1079
    • 1st, 2nd and 4th Wednesday
    • Contact Trisha
  • Salvation Army
    • 1415 Avenue M, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627 – Phone: (319) 372-2770
    • Appointment Needed – Contact Tammy

Shut Off Service/Snowbird

If you have sold, are moving out, or going away for a few months - please contact the Water Department and let us know the date you want the service disconnected. When you return and want the water turned back on, remember that you'll need to make an appointment 24-48 hours in advance. If no one is able to be around when you want the water on, please sign and return our waiver.

Sprinkler Meter

During the months of May, June, July, August and September, you are able to rent a sprinkler meter. This meter would be good to use when you water grass, plants, fill a swimming pool, etc. The property owner will need to check a meter out from the Water Department. Beginning on the date you check the meter out, a $10.00 charge/month/meter will be added to your water bill. In order to break even, 2,000 gallons will need to be used per month in order to cover the monthly fee.

If, for some reason, you need a sprinkler meter any other month or are late returning the meter, the monthly rental fee increases to $30/month.

Residents are responsible for the care of the meter while in their possession. If the water meter is damaged for any reason during the rental period, there will be an additional charge of $25.00.

  1. Jane Rees

    Accounting Clerk

  2. Kelsey Bales

    Accounting Clerk

  3. Utility Billing

    Physical Address
    811 Avenue E
    Fort Madison, IA 52627

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 240
    Fort Madison, IA 52627

    Fax: (319) 372-8661
    Emergency Phone: (319) 372-1602

    Monday-Friday 8:00am -4:30pm