Permit Requirements

Required Permits


  • All new structures over 120 square feet, including carports.
  • Remodels involving any structural work (i.e., removing/building walls, installing headers above windows/doors, etc.)
  • Installing any form of foundation (i.e., frost footings, deck posts, etc.)
  • All foundations must be at least 42 inches below grade to the bottom of the footing.
  • Any foundation constructed must have a minimum footing of 16-inches wide by 8-inches thick containing reinforcement that continues to the foundation wall. The foundation wall must be at least 8-inches thick.
  • All siding replacement requires a permit. Siding maintenance such as painting or replacing a board or two does not require a permit, but replacement of any more than that does require a permit.
  • Kitchen and bathroom installations require a permit.
  • Roofing replacement, which includes replacing more than 25% of the sheeting material, requires a permit.
  • In-ground swimming pools are considered a type of foundation and require a permit. All pools over 24-inches deep or deeper require a 6-feet gated fence or wall secured by a locking device.


  • Any structure over 120 square feet within city limits to be demolished requires a permit.
  • Demolition of a portion of a structure to be rebuilt would be included in a building permit.


  • All fixtures / outlets replaced or installed new including light fixtures.
  • Service work including replacement of meter base.
  • Circuit breaker panels must be minimum 100 amp and have a minimum of 16 circuit breakers.
  • Any electric installed in accessory structures.


  • Permits are required for burning of leaves and small brush year round with the exception of October 15th - November 15th. During this time, a permit is not required. Contact the Fire Department at (319) 372-6472 for this permit.


  • Relocation of any structure over 120 square feet within the city
  • From one location to another within the city
  • From any location within the city to outside city limits
  • From any location outside the city to within city limits


  • Installation of new fixtures
  • Replacement of any plumbing fixture (i.e. toilet, sink, faucet, shower head, hose bib, hot water heater, etc.)
  • Installation or replacement of any piping (i.e. water pipe, sewer pipe, etc.)

No Permit Required

Driveways & Patios

  • No permit is required for driveways and patios. However, it is recommended that the owner have the lot located for utilities. If utilities need worked on, the utility companies will not replace any concrete. It will be the owner's expense to replace.
  • All new and newly expanded commercial properties are required to install hard surfacing (concrete or asphalt including curbs and gutters) for any ground used for motor vehicle travel including parking.


  • Although fences do not require a permit, the city does have restrictions on fences within city limits.

Minor Repair Work

  • Roof replacement does not require a permit unless 25% or more of the structural sheeting is being replaced. Roof layovers are allowed only for up to two layers total. If two layers are on the roof already, these layers must be removed before installation of a new layer.
  • Drywall and plaster repair including removal and replacement does not require a permit.

New Structures

  • New structures 120 square feet or less do not require a permit; however they are required to be properly secured to the ground by means of auger stakes or equivalent. Contact your local hardware store for suggestions on materials.

Swimming Pools

  • Although above ground swimming pools do not require a permit, all pools over 24 inches in depth (to the top rim not current water depth) require:
    • 6-foot fence or wall with a locking gate. The fence or wall cannot be within 5 feet of the property line or other structure