City Cemetery

City Cemetery is located in the 1400 block between Avenues H and I and is the oldest and smallest of the cemeCity Cemetery Platteries at 3.6 acres. It was established as public burial ground with no lots or aisles. Families would fence, curb or stake out areas. 

The earliest known burial that is still marked is that of Gen. John Holly Knapp, the founder of the City of Fort Madison, who passed away on January 4, 1837.

Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery also known as Atlee Cemetery, is located in the 2100 block between Avenues L and M. Elmwood's first known burial with an existing marker was that of Jane S. Cowles in 1841.  Elmwood Cemetery PlatThe cemetery was deeded to the City of Fort Madison in 1948.

The 4.2-acre cemetery holds several members of the 16th Illinois Cavalry who survived Andersonville prison.

Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery is located at 4025 Avenue O and is the largest of the city's cemeteries at 24.8 acres. Oakland is a perpetual care cemetery. Land for the cemetery was purchased in 1898

Oakland is home to Soldier's Circle, where former and present City of Fort Madison residents who qualify as veteOakland Cemetery Plat Opens in new windowrans under the Iowa Department of Veteran's Affairs requirements may be interred. A Memorial Day Service is held each year at Soldier's Circle followed 30 minutes later by a memorial service at the Veteran's Memorial in Riverview Park.

Sacred Heart Cemetery

Sacred Heart Cemetery is located south of Highway 61 on 48th Street and is 13 acres in size. Sacred Heart is a perpetual care cemetery.  

Sacred Heart was founded by Sacred Heart Catholic Church in 1909 and was transferred to the City of Fort Madison in 1974.Sacred Heart Cemetery Plat