Price of Spaces

Type of SpaceFee
Single Space$460 (2023)
Garden of Eternal Light
$380 (2023)
Deed Filing Fee$10


Sunday burials are only by law or catastrophe as designated by the mayor or City Council and are the same price as holidays.

Day of ServiceVault Opening FeeCremation Opening FeeBabyland Fee*
Monday through Friday$550$400$250
Holiday (permission must be given by department head)$1,100$850$650

*Includes opening and lot or grave opening for infant in Babyland

Other Fees

Disinterment (burial container three feet in length or longer)$800
Disinterment (burial container less than three feet in length)$400
Winter Charge (December 1 through April 1)Vault: $100
Urn / Vault: $60
After Hours Charges (per person per hour) - includes Saturday funeral charge if procession / funeral is not at cemetery by 12:00 noon$150
Reissue of Deed$10
Installation of Government Markers$100
Foundation Location / Inspection Fee$35/35

Grave locates for genealogical purposes will be limited to two locations a week. A fee of $10 per locate will be charged for each grave locate after that.