Rental Housing Inspection Program

The City of Fort Madison adopted this program in 2012 to ensure that livable conditions exist in rental properties. Inspections will identify and correct code violations that result in a threat to the occupant’s safety, the structural integrity of the building, and have a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. 


Registration is required for every property within city limits that is not the primary residence of the owner (as listed on the deed). If the property is occupied by anyone other than the owner, it must be registered annually as a rental by November 15th for the upcoming year. 

To get registered, please complete the following forms:

Completed forms may be submitted, along with the registration fee, to the Building Department.



$25.00 per structure and $5.00 per additional unit within the same building. For example:Picture7

*The registration fee is waived for properties that are routinely inspected by a government agency - as long as a copy of the inspection report is submitted with a Registration Form to the City.


The Self-Certification Checklist above allows you to conduct your own ‘pre-inspection’ and complete any needed repairs. We hope this will prevent surprises and assist with a smooth inspection process. The checklist is set up to mimic the list that the inspector will use during the inspection.

A rental inspection letter will be sent to the owner or property manager (whichever you select on your registration form) with a future inspection date listed in the letter. If you have a conflict and are unable to keep your scheduled inspection, please call the Building Department Secretary at 319-372-7700 x 214.

After each inspection, you will receive an inspection report with the results from the inspection. Unless specifically requested, inspection reports are only mailed if the inspection failed. It is the owner/property manager’s responsibility to inform the occupant(s) of the scheduled inspection, as well as be present to meet with and allow access to, the inspector. There are fees associated with missing a scheduled inspection, rescheduling a scheduled inspection more than once, or requiring more than one re-inspection. 

Full inspections are required every three (3) years.

Please note: There is a $300.00 non-compliance penalty for any property that is considered to be non-compliant with the program. This includes properties that fail to submit the proper registration within 30 days of purchase, properties that do not renew annual registration by the 1st of the year, as well as properties that fail to correct violations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Building Department:

Kenzie Nafziger

Building Department Assistant

(319) 372-7700 x 214


Doug Krogmeier

Building Inspector

(319) 372-7700 x 212