Solid Waste Collection

The City of Fort Madison's Public Works Department provides each resident with their choice of a 65-gallon ($15.00 per month) or a 95-gallon ($17.50 per month) cart to use for solid waste collection. Solid waste carts allow for a safe work environment for our collections staff and a more attractive community.

  • All solid waste must be in the city issued cart for collection.
  • All solid waste must be bagged.
  • The lid needs to close on your cart to ensure that no water is inside of the cart.
  • Residents may use a Sharpie marker to write their address on the lid or side of the cart. No Spray Paint.

    Collection of Carts:

  • Unless requested by the City or a resident request for a different location for collection, all solid waste carts are collected in their normal locations.
  • Do not block carts or put carts in a structure that does not allow for City staff to collect waste from your cart.
  • Place carts with the lid opening facing the street or alley area for collection.

    Maintenance of Carts:

  • Residents will be responsible for washing and cleaning of their solid waste cart.
  • Any other maintenance is the responsibility of the City of Fort Madison.
  • If a cart is stolen from your address, please contact the City of Fort Madison's Public Works Director at (319) 372-7700. (All carts are tracked by number by the City.)

    Common Questions About Solid Waste Carts for the City of Fort Madison:

  •  I received a 65-gallon cart and my family really needs a 95-gallon cart or I got a 95-gallon cart and I need a 65-gallon cart. What can I do to get one?  -Contact City Hall at 319.372.7700 and request a change of your cart.
    -There is a $15 fee to exchange one size cart for another.
    -Service fees of the cart will change depending on the size of cart requested:
  • 65–gallon: $15.00 per month
  • 95–gallon: $17.50 per month
  •  What if I need two carts for my household?  If it is necessary for a household to have two carts, there will be an extra fee. Arrangements can be made at City Hall for an additional 65-gallon cart for $15.00 per month (total solid waste bill would be $30.00) or an additional 95-gallon cart for $17.50 per month (total solid waste bill would be $35.00 per month).
  •  I am moving to a new house in Fort Madison. Can I take my cart to my new house?  All carts are registered with the City by the address. Please leave the cart at your old address. Please contact City Hall about your move and a new cart will be issued.