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Road Closures

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  1. GRHS/FMCH- Rodeo Park Trail
  2. Parking Lots, Phase I
  3. Parking Lots, Phase II
  4. PORT, Phase III Trail
  5. Ave H Project 6th-10th
  6. Depot Passenger Rail Platform
  7. Avenue H Project 10th - 18th Street
  8. 10th Street Sewer Separation
  9. 27th Street Bridge Replacement
  10. Avenue F Bridge Replacement

GRHS/FMCH - Rodeo Park Trail

Project Engineers –  HR Green Inc.   Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Contractor – Jones Contracting Corp. – West Point, Iowa 

Bid Amount – $1,206,777


Start Date – September 1st, 2020 

Completion Date – July 23rd, 2021 

Construction Status – Completed

Project Description – Construction of the 1.95 – mile trail begins at 21st Street and Avenue A with a 10’ wide path curving behind the Fort Madison High School towards 18th Street. A segment of this trail will continue south on 18th Street to connect to Pat’s alley, while an 8’ wide path continues east towards 15th Street on Avenue B. The trail then extends north on 15th Street on the west side of the road, and again widens to 10’. Once the trail meets 302nd Avenue, it will follow the slight bend continuing past the Gethsemane Cemetery, through Rodeo Park, and will connect with the existing Rodeo Park trail system north of the Rodeo Arena.

FMHS-GRSH Rodeo Park Trail