Finance Department


The City of Fort Madison Finance Department oversees all the financial actions of the city on behalf of the City Council. This office is responsible for processing all accounts payable transactions as well as the biweekly payroll and all reports and associated documents.

The Finance Department also handles all employee health insurance benefits and required reporting as well as preparation of all union contracts. In addition, this office works closely with the city manager and department heads in the budget preparation process and enters all budget information into the computer system.

Financial Records

A complete record of all income and expenses recorded by the city is kept on file at all times, including a balance on all funds and accounts. This includes all electronic deposits and withdrawals, account reconciliations, and short- as well as long-term investments. The department works closely with the city's bonding agents and financial adviser.

Other duties and responsibilities include certifying to the county treasurer all assessments and taxes levied by the council, and submission of the following annual financial reports:

  • Adopted Budget
  • Annual Financial Report
  • Road Use Tax Report
  • Tax Increment Debt Certificates
  • Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Report