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The original item was published from 5/26/2022 11:13:00 AM to 7/1/2022 5:35:02 PM.

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Posted on: May 26, 2022

[ARCHIVED] Contractors Wanted – Property Maintenance / Nuisance Abatement Services





The City of Fort Madison is accepting applications from qualified contractors to provide property maintenance services (all labormaterialsand equipment) as described in these specificationsThis agreement shall be in effect for a one-year period and may be renewed by the City of Fort Madison for two one-year periods at mutually agreed prices.


The City of Fort Madison Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing laws relative to property maintenance and nuisancesAt timesproperty owners fail to abate nuisancesIn those instances where the property owner does not abate a nuisance, such as: cleaning up trash, repairing windowsor securing a vacant housethe City of Fort Madison shall do so.

Tasks may include: 

  • Mowing tall grass
  • Clearing of brush and small trees
  • Removing junk and debris in a yard
  • Replacing glass in a broken window or boarding up a window
  • Reattaching/replacing a section of broken gutter or vinyl siding
  • Snow removal from sidewalks and Right-of-Ways as needed
  • Securing a vacant house with hasp and padlock.
  • Minor repairs to structures (replacing porch posts, stairs, railings and roofs, etc.)
  • Minor demolition (removing collapsing porches, sheds, etc.)
  • Or other similar nuisance abatement

By accepting applications for property maintenance nuisance abatement services, the City of Fort Madison makes no guarantee as to the number of sites that may need attention or the total amount of the contract. 

Upon approval of a contractor, the contractor will receive a copy of the application signed by the City, as well as login credentials for the City’s Mobile Application website where the contractor will find and process work orders.

Due to the overall workload, the City intends to sign contracts with multiple contractors for this work. All contractors will have the ability to view all properties in need of work and clear them. Contractors shall not be selective in the type of work (i.e., only doing work on “easy” properties.) If it is found that specific types of work are not being performed, the City shall direct a contractor to specific properties and/or cancel a contract, thereby disqualifying a contractor from performing more work for the City.

Exception: Structural repairs and minor demolition shall not be required of all contractors. 

Additional information about the program may be obtained by contacting the Building Inspector Doug Krogmeier at 319-372-7700 ext. 212.  Application can be downloaded here or picked up at city hall.


The City has set the hourly rate per person. The number of hours needed to accomplish a task will be determined by the Code Enforcement Department and will be based upon the amount of debris, lawn work, or repair required.


The hourly rate for property maintenance nuisance abatement services is $60.00 per man-hour while on site.


There shalbe a minimum contractor charge of $60.00 per job.




No contract will be made to a company that is in violation of any State laws or local ordinancesApplications will be accepted from companies that have been in the handyman/lawn service business for a minimum of two (2) years. Please indicate the number of years of experience in this work. 


Qualified contractors must have equipment or have ready access to equipment acceptable to perform the work, including a pickup trucktraileror dumpster, lawn mowing equipment in sufficient working order and of a quantity to perform the work efficiently. The City reserves the right to inspect the equipment at the vendor's site, or if site is outside City limits, at a mutually agreed site as parof the evaluation process. The final decision as to the acceptability of this equipment rests with the Public Works Director or his designee.


All vendors bidding on this contract will provide the City of Fort Madison proof of insurance at the time of awarding the contract. Insurance requirements must include worker's compensation coverage for any employees and $1,000,000.00 liability coverage.



  1. All work shall be performed in a professionalcourteousworkman-like manner using quality equipment and materialsall of which must be maintained and operated with the highest standards as well as meeting all OSHA safety standards.
  2. Properties are to be cleaned or repaired within 72 hours of the request, unless unfavorable weather conditions make the work impossible. Weekend work is acceptable. If a property is not cleared within the 72 hours required, the City may assign the property to a specific contractor and must be completed within the next 72 hours or risk breach of agreement and removal from the approved list of contractors.
  3. Other than the junkdebris, or material that the City has asked to be removed, the contractor is not to remove anything from the sites.
  1. The contractor shall take pictures before and after each job, and download the pictures to the City’s Mobile App Webpage within 48 hours of completion of abatement. The contractor will also add a comment to the online report.
  2. The contractor shall be responsible for the removal and disposal of any junkdebris or material and turn in to the Code Enforcement Department original copies of all disposal records for reimbursement monthly.
  3. Due to the timely nature in regards to billing property owners for work, invoices for any given week’s work including disposal fees (dump tickets, etc.) must be submitted to the City by the end of the following week. In the interest of time, these invoices may be submitted electronically weekly, with originals submitted monthly.
  4. Window glass, vinyl siding or gutters shall be repaired to match the structure as close as possible. The cost of materials and equipment will be added to the cost of labor. If cost of materials exceeds $100.00, the contractor will get approval from the Code Enforcement Department prior to installation.
  1. The contractor guarantees the reimbursementrepair or replacement and restoration of any cultivated area damaged by careless or accidental use of equipment or machinery. The contractor agrees to repair or replace any fences, signspolesand/or appurtenances damaged or destroyed by careless or accidental use of equipment or machinery in the performance of the contract.
  1. The contractor shall not subletassign or transfer the contract or any portion or any payment due him thereunderwithouthe written consent of the City.
  1. The contractor's employees shall maintain a neat and clean appearance at all timesEmployees shall adhere to the following dress code: shoeslong pants (no shaggy cut-offsetc.) and a shirt at all times.


  1. Properties that need to be mowed, cleaned or repaired will be referred to the contractor using the Mobile App by being classified as “REFERRED TO DEPT”.
  1. The City will determine the amount of time needed to accomplish the cleaning or repair.
  1. All work outlined in this specification will be subject to periodic field inspections by the Code Enforcement OfficerThe contractor's presence may be requested during inspections at any or all of the locations specified.

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